A Redwood City DUI Attorney Explains Absorption Factors

Posted on August 22, 2015


Because drunk driving laws are concerned with a person’s blood alcohol content level, one argument that Redwood City DUI attorneys may make is that the defendant was not actually over this level at the time that he or she was stopped even though he or she registered as being over the legal limit when the test was taken. A Redwood City DUI attorney may attribute this to the defendant’s absorption rate. Several factors can affect this rate.


One of the primary factors that Redwood City DUI attorneys focus on is the speed of ingestion. Scientists contend that the speed of ingestion has a critical impact on when the alcohol absorption rate peaks. If a large amount of alcohol is ingested at one time, the pyloric valve may seize. This causes absorption to be delayed. However, if alcohol is consumed regularly over a longer period of time, the blood alcohol level tends to be lower per unit of time. A Redwood City DUI attorney can explain this concept in terms of social drinking, which tends to be drawn out over time. Some scientists have concluded that alcohol is absorbed faster in this manner. However, this can be impacted when a person consumes alcohol over a long period of time but then drinks the last couple of drinks quickly before leaving. His or her blood alcohol content level may rise because of those last couple of drinks.

Type of Alcohol

A Redwood City DUI attorney can explain that the rate of absorption can also be affected by the type of alcohol that the driver consumed. Those alcohol types with higher concentrations can delay the stomach from emptying by up to two or three hours after consumption. Other types of alcohol may cause the body to quickly absorb them. Another factor is the amount of sugar in the alcohol. Drinks that have more sugar have a delay in the rate of absorption. The level of carbonation can also increase the amount of emptying time.


Individuals who smoke cigarettes at the time or close to the time to when they consume a meal are more likely to experience a slower time in emptying their stomach. This corresponds with a longer amount of time for the body to absorb the alcohol.

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