A Redwood City DUI Attorney on What Jurors Think When DUI Defendants Don’t Testify

Posted on September 20, 2013


A Redwood City DUI Attorney must be prepared to present a client’s DUI case in the best light possible. In addition to obtaining and reviewing all of the pertinent police and lab reports, lawyers must pay attention to how their clients will be perceived by the jurors. While it is one thing to have clients wear proper, respectable attire in the courtroom, it is still another to be concerned with how they may sound, if they choose to take the stand.

A Redwood City DUI Lawyer on Risks Regarding Testifying

An experienced Redwood City DUI attorney knows that great risks are involved with both putting clients on the stand and just relying on the testimony of other witnesses and the materials offered into evidence. Some people just are not very eloquent, while others freeze up and come across quite nervous. This can leave a poor impression with jurors, even when defendants are telling the complete truth.

A Redwood DUI Lawyer on Convincing Jurors

Since many lawyers strongly prefer to keep their clients off the stand, they must be able to convince jurors that not testifying cannot be automatically equated with guilt. Some Redwood City DUI attorneys achieve this by purposefully engaging in a bit of Q and A with a witness who has agreed to answer questions about how people get nervous when testifying in court. This type of practice helps jurors better identify with the accused, realizing that he or she may not be guilty if not testifying. The accused may simply be afraid that their nerves might get the better of them or they may forget important facts due to the common fear of public speaking.

A clever Redwood City DUI attorney knows how to compare testifying in court with other common scenarios, such as having to give a speech at a volunteer fundraiser or making a presentation in a corporate boardroom. Once jurors can identify with their own public speaking fears, they are much less likely to assume an accused person is guilty just because he or she has chosen to remain silent and not testify.

A Redwood City DUI Attorney on Explaining Why Experts Do So Well on the Stand

Jurors will often need to weigh the testimony of many professional witnesses. For this reason, it is important for a Redwood City DUI lawyer to explain to them that it is one thing to simply do ones duty and describe the facts surrounding an arrest and an entirely different matter for someone threatened with jail time or other punishments to answer questions calmly. Even completely innocent people can fear testifying in court since no one can fully know how others will perceive them when they speak in public.

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