A Redwood City DUI Lawyer Answers DUI FAQs

Posted on July 1, 2013

Nystagmus Test

The list of frequently asked questions about driving under the influence can be an extremely long one and the answers can vary based upon the circumstances surrounding the stop. A Redwood City DUI attorney experienced in DUI cases is an excellent place to start when you are looking for accurate answers.

What made the officer think I had been drinking?

As your Redwood City DUI lawyer can explain, there are many things that might cause an officer to suspect a DUI. These include, but are not limited to, driving erratically (your vehicle is swerving all over the road), going off the road, braking for no apparent reason, coming within striking distance of another vehicle and risking a collision, driving at night without your headlights on, and driving on the center line of the road instead of in the proper lane. Any of these might give an officer sufficient cause to suspect drunk driving.

How should I answer if I am asked whether or not I had anything to drink?

Your Redwood City DUI attorney would probably advise you to calmly and quietly state that you would prefer to speak with him before you answer the officer’s questions. Make sure you are respectful to the officer

Will the officer ask me to take a field sobriety test?

Probably. You may be asked to touch your nose, pick a quarter or a nickel up off the ground, walk in a straight line or heel-to-toe, or he may ask you to follow a penlight or his finger from side to side with your eyes (horizontal nystagmus test).

Are the tests mandatory or can I say no?

Your Redwood City DUI attorney can tell you that your compliance with field sobriety tests is not required by law. You have the option of declining to take them; however your refusal should be given calmly and with courtesy.

Must I submit to breath, urine or blood alcohol tests?

Yes. If you are arrested and accused of driving under the influence, you will be required to submit to testing.

Does my right to legal representation apply if I am pulled over for DUI?

No. This does not come into effect until the officer actually arrests you. At that point you are entitled to have your Redwood City DUI attorney represent you.

What else might I need to know, and where can I get answers?

For a more comprehensive overview of the most frequently asked DUI-related questions, or if you have been charged with a DUI, consult a Redwood City DUI attorney with Silveira Law by calling (415) 795-3890 today.

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