A Redwood City Traffic Attorney Defends Tickets for Incomplete Stops

Posted on September 25, 2013

Tickets for Incomplete Stops

Receiving a traffic ticket for an incomplete stop or rolling stop is a common occurrence amongst drivers in the state of California. Many drivers are not adequately equipped to protect their rights and fight the traffic ticket without assistance from an experienced Redwood City traffic attorney. When you are charged with violating basic traffic laws, an unfavorable outcome can damage your driving record. You may also have to pay costly fines and higher insurance rates.

A Redwood City Traffic Lawyer Explains Incomplete Stop Violations

According to California Vehicle Code Section 22450, the driver of a vehicle must come to a complete stop behind the limit line at a stop sign. If there isn’t a limit line at the stop sign, the driver must completely stop the vehicle at the edge of the crosswalk or intersection before proceeding. Making a complete stop at a railroad grade crossing is also necessary when there is a stop sign. Failing to fully stop can result in steeper penalties due to the potential danger involved while traveling across railroad tracks.

Often, police officers write tickets for drivers who don’t completely stop at red lights. A rolling stop or incomplete stop at a red light is a violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21453. When there is a steady circular red light, the driver must stop the vehicle behind the limit line. The driver shouldn’t enter the crosswalk or intersection until the signal indicates it is permissible to proceed. If the driver is making a right turn at a red light, he should come to a full stop and make sure the traffic is clear before continuing to drive. During a confidential consultation, a Redwood City traffic attorney can explain the laws and review the facts that pertain to your case.

Get Legal Help from a Redwood City Traffic Attorney

Incomplete stops are considered a moving violation and in some instances carry the same hefty penalties as a speeding ticket. Drivers who don’t challenge the ticket usually aren’t aware of the long-term consequences the traffic infraction can have on their driving record. Defense strategies used by a Redwood City traffic attorney may include presenting documents, photographs, and witness testimony that support your case in court. It may also be possible to reach a plea deal that results in lower fines and the removal of points from your driving record.

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