A Redwood City Traffic Attorney Discusses Speeding Offenses

Posted on June 6, 2013

Speeding Offenses

As a California resident, you are likely keenly aware of the near-constant presence of the California Highway Patrol. If you recently received a speeding infraction or misdemeanor charge, a Redwood City traffic attorney is the first person you should call to help you defend your case.

California’s vehicle code is highly specific and divides speeding offenses into multiple categories, so working with a Redwood City traffic lawyer is the best way to make certain you were (i) charged with the correct offense, and (ii) the facts of your case meet the requisite standard set forth in the statute.

A Redwood City Traffic Lawyer Explains Speeding Infractions

The most common type of speeding ticket results are classified as infractions (as opposed to a misdemeanor, discussed below). Your Redwood City traffic attorney is familiar with the various nuances of the vehicle code, including the following types of infractions:

  • Violations of prima facie speed limits, which require adherence of 15 miles per hour across railway crossings, certain intersections and in alleyways. A speed limit of 25 miles per hour is required in certain business districts, near senior citizen facilities or near a school building;
  • Speeding near a children’s playground
  • Speeding along a narrow street
  • Speeding within a construction zone while workers are present
  • Speeding during inclement weather

Of course, the police must observe your speed and adequately measure your rate before a ticket is issued. If there are any inconsistencies between the report on your ticket and the actual facts of your case, a lawyer can help negotiate a reduction in charges or a dismissal all together – however this result is not possible in every case.

A Redwood City Traffic Attorney Addresses Misdemeanors

As your Redwood City traffic lawyer will explain, more serious moving violations can result in the imposition of a misdemeanor charge – which could stay on your record indefinitely. Misdemeanor traffic offenses include reckless driving, drag racing or traveling at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. If your speeding offense includes a charge of driving under the influence, a Redwood City traffic attorney can help you defend that matter as well.

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