A Redwood City Traffic Lawyer Discusses Removal Of Traffic Points

Posted on May 8, 2013

Traffic Points How do I accumulate traffic points?

Under the point system, as your Redwood City traffic lawyer can explain, various traffic violations are assigned a numeric value according to how serious the violation is deemed to be. When you commit such a violation — whether you are ticketed for exceeding the speed limit, driving under the influence, reckless driving, or any other traffic infraction — these values are attached to your driving record. In other words, you will have points against your license.

Can I get the points removed?

Your Redwood City traffic lawyer can examine your situation in order to determine whether or not there is a means other than time to remove points from your license. Your traffic attorney may advise you to simply wait for the terms of each traffic point to expire, and can give you sound advice concerning how you can avoid accumulating more and making your situation worse.

When can I get points removed?

Your Redwood City traffic lawyer can explain that the time to fight the addition of points to your record is just after you have been cited. If your traffic lawyer can help you prevent the points from being placed on your record to begin with, there is nothing to remove later. Even after the points are placed, however, you are still not entirely without recourse.

What recourse do I have?

If you believe that the points have been or are likely to be added unjustly, your Redwood City traffic lawyer may suggest a negligent operator DMV hearing. Essentially, this type of hearing is an administrative procedure that enables you to challenge the citation, and it is your right to request it. Your attorney will be able to counsel you as to whether or not this is an option for you, and can assist you throughout the procedure. Further, depending upon the regulations in your state, your attorney may suggest that you attend a traffic school. In some cases, this can be a means of clearing at least part of your record.

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