A Redwood City Traffic Lawyer Discusses Tickets for Drivers Using Cell Phones

Posted on July 11, 2013

Tickets for Using Cell Phones

Nearly every state in the nation has passed laws related to using handheld cell phones or texting while driving. Laws vary state to state, some have ones on the books related to dialing and texting, some that pertain to phone use by minors and some that simply focus on distracted driving. A Redwood City traffic attorney can tell you many of these laws were enacted because there was evidence that drivers increased their chances of getting into accident while they were using cell phones or other handheld devices. A Redwood City traffic attorney can explain, violating laws can result in non-moving violation tickets. Typically, the penalties for these violations are fines.

Fighting a Cell Phone Ticket

There are three situations that can result in a cell phone ticket being dismissed. A Redwood City traffic lawyer may argue that when police stopped you for using your phone, you were using it to make an emergency call. Using a phone for emergency purposes is not illegal. If you were using a smartphone when authorities stopped you, it also may persuade the court to throw out the ticket. A Redwood City traffic attorney could argue that you were not actually communicating with anyone when your vehicle was stopped but, were instead engaging in a legal purpose such as uploading music. Finally, the best way to fight the ticket may be to submit written proof, such as a copy of your phone use, to the court. A Redwood City traffic attorney can explain a cell phone log, which will show every call and text you made or received when you were stopped by police, can add weight to your testimony.

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