A Redwood City Traffic Ticket Attorney on Traffic School and Commercial Truck Drivers

Posted on July 24, 2013

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Certain professions are held to a different standard than the general public. This holds true for commercial truck drivers, who until early 2013 were unable to attend traffic school to remove violations from their record. As a Redwood City traffic ticket lawyer can attest, this is a boon for truckers, but the law is not without controversy.

A Redwood City Traffic Ticket Lawyer Discusses Truck Driver Responsibilities

As a commercial operator, a truck driver is considered to be a professional, and as such, his/her ability to maneuver vehicles properly and willingness to abide by state traffic laws should meet the highest standard. Failure to obey traffic laws, indeed, can lead to catastrophic consequences, considering the size and weight of big rigs. As a Redwood City traffic ticket attorney will tell you, commercial drivers are often carrying expensive merchandize as well which must be protected.

When Commercial Drivers Receive Tickets

A Redwood City traffic ticket lawyer can attest from working with effected clients that commercial truck drivers face severe consequences when they receive tickets for even relatively minor violations. A single ticket can cost a driver his or her job. Given that until 2013 commercial truck drivers could not attend traffic school, therefore, the position of a trucker was tenuous, indeed, when taking to the road.

A Redwood City Traffic Ticket Lawyer Discusses the New Law

AB 1888 was passed by the California Legislature in January, 2013, allowing commercial drivers to have points withheld from personal driving records by completing a traffic school course. As a Redwood City traffic ticket lawyer will tell you, though, this law does not prevent insurance companies from becoming aware of tickets, nor does it hinder them from raising rates if they are so inclined.

There are certain restrictions to the law, however. Among these are:

  • Violations which involve use of drugs or alcohol
  • Reckless driving
  • Excessive speed
  • Tailgating/driving too close behind other traffic

It should be self-evident why these restrictions were set in place. After all, as a Redwood City traffic ticket lawyer will attest, any erratic driving on the part of a trucker places other motorists at great risk.

Indeed, the benefits of this law derive more from traffic violations a commercial driver receives while off-duty. Previously, a trucker who was ticketed while off work for, say, an improper lane change faced possible severe penalties from his employer—including termination. The points received now, however, do not apply toward a cumulative total which renders a driver negligent by Department of Motor Vehicles standards.

Controversy over the Law

There are those who oppose passage of this legislation, however. Some individuals believe that truck drivers who do not abide by traffic regulations are more likely to violate the law while operating their semi-trailers.

Call a Redwood City Traffic Ticket Attorney for More Information

Traffic violations may not seem serious, but just a few on your record can mean higher insurance rates, and in some cases suspension of your license. If you need assistance, call a Redwood City traffic ticket lawyer at Silveira Law: (415) 795-3890.