DMV Negligent Operator Hearings

If you have accumulated a certain number of points on your driving record, you may be deemed a “negligent operator” by the DMV. Being deemed a negligent operator has serious consequences as it may mean that your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. However, a Redwood City traffic ticket attorney may be able to help you fight this designation and retain your driving privileges.

DMV Negligent Operator Hearings

Why Was I Deemed a Negligent Operator?

Generally, the DMV designates individuals as negligent operators when they have racked up a certain number of points. An individual can accumulate points for a variety of reasons including:

  • Accidents for which they are at fault
  • Speeding tickets and other moving violations
  • Mechanical violations like inoperative lights and signals
  • Criminal offenses like hit and run and drunk driving
What is the Negligent Operator Hearing?

Just because you have accumulated a certain number of points, this does not mean that the DMV will automatically take away your driving privileges. Instead, you may have an opportunity to defend yourself and fight for your driving rights at the negligent operator hearing.

Typically you will receive a warning letter that the DMV intends to suspend your license if you have accumulated a certain number of points within a certain period of time. When you receive your notice, you can request that you have a negligent operator hearing.

At the hearing, the DMV hearing officer will review your driving record as a whole and determine if you are a negligent operator and whether your license should be suspended or revoked.

How a Redwood City Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

A negligent operator hearing is similar to a criminal trial in that the hearing officer will consider the evidence before him and determine if it proves you are a negligent operator. It is similar to a criminal trial; as such, you will have an opportunity to present your case and have an attorney represent you.

Your lawyer can help make the argument that you should retain your driving rights as well as help prove that evidence against you is either inaccurate or misleading. For example, if you have accumulated a lot of points in a short period of time, your lawyer may argue that you drive much more than the average driver, thereby making it more likely that you will receive points.

Contact a Redwood City Traffic Ticket Attorney

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