DUI Lawyer in Redwood City

Posted on March 6, 2014

Car Keys and Drink

If you are facing charges for driving while impaired because of alcohol or drugs, you will want the help of a DUI lawyer in Redwood City who can provide aggressive representation. In some cases, a lawyer might be able to work with the prosecution and negotiate a plea agreement, which could mean the reduction of even mandatory penalties or an outright dismissal of charges.

Types of California DUI Cases

Attorney Mike Silveira has handled all types of DUI cases, including defending motorists younger than 21, DUIs with injury and DUIs with blood alcohol content, or BAC, levels of higher than .08 percent. He has also defended DUI cases with BAC levels above .15 percent and even .20 percent. Other enhancements to DUI charges include failure to comply with chemical testing and DUI while speeding more than 30 mph above the limit.

Defenses That a Redwood City DUI Defense Attorney Uses

An attorney with a background in DUI defense uses a number of strategies in order to defend clients. He might allege that the blood sample was contaminated or fermented or that the machine used to perform the breath test was not properly calibrated. Authorities may have conducted an improper traffic stop. They might not have given correct directions when administering field sobriety tests. BAC tests assume that a person has an established ratio of concentration in their blood when they provide a breath sample. However, one person’s reading can be inaccurately inflated, which would make them seem intoxicated even if they aren’t.

Penalties for a California DUI Conviction

Penalties for a conviction vary widely, and a criminal defense attorney might be able to negotiate reduced consequences in some cases. A first offense might result in fines, court probation for three to five years, a suspended license, attendance at DUI school, installation of an ignition interlock device and 48 hours in jail. A second conviction includes the same penalties along with additional consequences, including increased fines and a jail sentence up to 60 days. A third conviction means a jail sentence of four to 12 months. However, an attorney might be able to convince the prosecution to implement treatment or home arrest.

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