Evaluating Standard Field Tests

Posted on October 10, 2013

Evaluating Standard Field Tests

A poor field sobriety test does not automatically doom your DUI case. Retain a knowledgeable Redwood City DUI attorney today so he can examine the details of the test to find any weaknesses or inappropriate actions.

A Redwood City DUI Lawyer on Field Sobriety Tests

Your Redwood City DUI attorney will scrutinize the validity of your field sobriety test results, as improperly administered field sobriety tests are ineffective in proving intoxication.

Coordination Tests Discussed by a Redwood City DUI Attorney

The conditions under which you performed the tests are highly relevant. You attorney will want to know whether the officer administered a field sobriety test that asked you to walk and balance such as the walk-and- turn test or the one-leg stand test in a adequately lit room in the police station, or at the section of a darkened road on a raised gravel embankment. Your own physical coordination should be assessed as well. Many of these coordination-based field tests are difficult for even a completely sober individual.

In addition, your Redwood City DUI attorney will consider the option of having you repeat the field sobriety tests in court. If you are shown to struggle in performing field sobriety tests at a normal setting at trial, your attorney will be able to disprove the states theory that your difficulty in performing the test was solely due to intoxication.

A Redwood City DUI Attorney on the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

The Horizontal gaze nystagmus test is notorious for not being administered properly. If you took this test, then your Redwood City DUI attorney will check you for naturally occurring nystagmus in his office during your initial interview. He will use this proper administration of the test as a baseline in ascertaining whether the arresting officer properly administered this test. If a review of the videotape or an evidentiary hearing substantiates improper administration of the test, your attorney might be able to exclude the test by motion prior to trial.

For Assistance from a Redwood City DUI Lawyer

If your field sobriety test was unlawful or ineffective, a Redwood City DUI attorney will work to disprove it in court. Please call Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890 to arrange a consultation.