Failure to Appear Warrants May Result in Serious Consequences

Posted on May 9, 2013

Judge Gavel

Failing to show up to any court appearance may result in a warrant for your arrest. If a failure to appear warrant has been issued for you, a Redwood City traffic ticket attorney will work with you to protect your rights.

A Redwood City Traffic Ticket Lawyer Discusses Failure to Appear Warrants

It really doesn’t matter the reason or offense, failing to come to court when required is serious business. When a person doesn’t show up for court, the presiding judge can issue a failure to appear warrant. A Redwood City traffic ticket attorney can explain that the warrant means authorities can arrest you immediately. And, since there is no statute of limitations on these warrants, you could be potentially looking over your shoulder forever until the situation is resolved.

Reasons Failure to Appear Warrants are Issued

Many times, judges issue failure to appear warrant to people who don’t show up to court for traffic tickets. In these situations, a Redwood City traffic ticket attorney can explain, people who neglect coming to court related to traffic violations could have their licenses suspended. Nevertheless, a warrant can be issued for many reasons. A warrant can result from failing to appear at any scheduled proceedings, such as a verdict, a sentencing or after you are released on bail. A Redwood City traffic ticket attorney can further explain that some states may consider these types of warrants as misdemeanors. This means additional charges could be lodged against you and there is a potential for a penalty of jail time. The circumstances behind each failure to appear warrant depends on the individual case. However, a Redwood City traffic ticket lawyer may help the situation get resolved by contacting authorities or the court and explaining your reasons for skipping your court appearance. This may allowable in some jurisdictions. Typically, another court date will be set. A Redwood City traffic ticket attorney can say, in general, if you show up to that appearance the warrant will be dismissed.

Call a Redwood City Traffic Ticket Attorney For Assistance

Failing to show up for a scheduled court appearance can have serious consequences. If you are interested in legal advice related to failure to appear warrants, contact a Redwood City traffic ticket lawyer at Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890.