How Your Redwood City DUI Lawyer Can Challenge Evidence

Posted on December 19, 2013

Drink and Car Key

The value of a Redwood City DUI lawyer will be determined by the aggressive defense they will mount on your behalf. Part of that defense should be challenging all the evidence collected during your arrest. That will include your blood sample and breathalyzer results. There will be many options that your Redwood City DUI attorney can pursue to call into question those results. Just because the prosecutor thinks they have a “slam dunk” case doesn’t make it so.

The Automated Process

When the matter of your blood sample results come up in trial, your Redwood City DUI lawyer will educate the jurors on the handling process. Instead of each sample being individually examined, your Redwood City DUI attorney will point out that those samples are processed along with other samples in an automated process. In some instances, there could be as much as 40 samples all run together in the same batch. Could those samples have contaminated one another? There are protocols in place, but they aren’t absolute. This is the kind of information that a skilled Redwood City DUI lawyer will make sure is heard by the jury.

Margin of Error

In terms of your breathalyzer results, there is always a margin of error. Your Redwood City DUI lawyer can successfully argue that the “margin” could be in your favor, which means you wouldn’t meet the legal standard of a DUI. This is why you shouldn’t accept defeat just because the evidence seems stacked against you. A veteran Redwood City DUI attorney will know just what a jury needs to hear to raise the issue of reasonable doubt.

Building a Defense With the Help of a Redwood City DUI Lawyer

There may be some cases where pleading guilty to a lesser charge is better for your cause. However, with all the strategies available to a Redwood City DUI lawyer, it is clear you shouldn’t accept a DUI charge without mounting a strong defense. The lawyers working at Silveira Law are the right kind of Redwood City DUI lawyers with the experience and knowledge to help support your case. Call them today at (415) 795-3890 to set up a meeting to discuss your case.