If I Get a Traffic Ticket, What Can I Do to Fight It?

Posted on January 9, 2014

Getting a Traffic Ticket

If you received a traffic ticket, there are things you may be able to do to challenge it. A Redwood City traffic lawyer can explain.

A Redwood City Traffic Lawyer Discusses Some Dos and Don’ts If You’ve Been Pulled Over by the Police

If you’ve been pulled over by a patrolman or trooper while driving, a Redwood City traffic lawyer can explain a few dos and don’ts.


  • Be respectful and courteous to the officer; and
  • Ask questions to make sure you understand why the officer stopped you.

A Redwood city traffic attorney may also advise you on a few simple don’ts.


  • Argue with the officer (save that for court);
  • Admit to anything; and
  • Lie or give outlandish excuses.
A Redwood City Traffic Attorney Discusses Strategies for Challenging a Ticket

After you’ve been given a ticket and if you truly feel you have a defense, you can challenge the ticket in court. A Redwood City traffic lawyer can go with you. The ticket you received is based on a law or ordinance the officer believes you violated. For example, violation of a posted speed limit is usually based on the officer’s claims that you were driving in excess of that limit. As your Redwood City traffic lawyer will explain, you can present any defense you feel you have in court. Perhaps you can prove the radar equipment wasn’t working. You may also have a legitimate defense such as an emergency.

As your Redwood City traffic attorney can explain, the officer or prosecutor may also be willing to reduce your ticket to a lesser charge. In some cases, this can lessen the impact for insurance purposes.

Though your attorney can never guarantee a successful challenge or plea bargain, he or she can explain the process and help you understand your best legal options.

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