Incomplete Stops Law in California

Posted on August 9, 2013

Incomplete Stops

Drivers that approach a stop sign or red light are supposed to make a complete stop. However, a police officer may ticket you if they believe you came to a “rolling stop.” As a result, you may need to hire a Redwood City traffic lawyer to help fight for your rights.

California Law on Incomplete Stops

A Redwood City traffic attorney can tell that you are generally required to make a complete stop in certain situations including:

  • stop signs
  • red lights
  • flashing railroad crossings
  • school buses flashing a stop sign

However, depending upon the facts of your case, a Redwood City traffic lawyer can explain to you that incomplete stops are not always clear as the intersection may not be neatly demarcated and it may not be apparent where you need to stop.

Penalties for an Incomplete Stop

A Redwood City traffic attorney can tell you the exact penalties you face for an incomplete stop. These penalties can depend upon your driving history and also where the incomplete stop violation allegedly occurred.

Generally, a driver faces a monetary fine stated on the ticket. However, there are many additional costs for such a ticket, as your Redwood City traffic lawyer can explain. For example, someone who has already accumulated a lot of points may face a license suspension.

You may also be ordered to attend traffic school and pay associated costs and fees. In addition, your auto insurance company may increase your premiums. So it may be worth it to hire a Redwood City traffic lawyer.

Contact a Redwood City Traffic Lawyer

If you need assistance fighting an incomplete stop ticket, contact a Redwood City traffic attorney at Silveira Law.

The penalties for an incomplete stop can far exceed the monetary fine stated on the ticket. That’s why it can be critical to work with an experienced Redwood City traffic lawyer.

You can discuss your case with a Redwood City traffic lawyer by calling our firm at (415) 795-3890. Fighting an incomplete stop ticket may be a matter of your word against a police officer’s and you will want an experienced legal counsel to argue your case.