Information on Sobriety Tests

Information on Sobriety Tests Information on Sobriety Tests from a San Francisco DUI Attorney

A San Francisco DUI attorney will review the investigation reports and other evidence that is to be used against you. In some cases, defendants have failed field sobriety tests, and it is important that your attorney be aware of this so that he or she can properly counter it.

Types of Field Sobriety Tests

Law enforcement officers may use a variety of techniques to test your sobriety. For example, he or she may ask questions that distract or interrupt you. He or she may also ask that you perform a balancing test or stand on one leg. Some defendants report being instructed to walk a line. Fine motor skills may be called upon by asking you to trace a line or pick up coins. Counting and recitation are common types of tests, such as asking you to count fingers, recite the alphabet forward or backward, count backward from 100 or recite the date and time.

Reasons for Field Sobriety Tests

A San Francisco DUI lawyer can explain that field tests are not usually as reliable as chemical tests. However, they are still used for several reasons. For example, they may provide a law enforcement officer with the probable cause necessary for the arrest. Additionally, field sobriety tests may be used to help show a causal connection between impairment and driving.

Legal Assistance

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