Information You Might Get from Your Attorney

Posted on May 29, 2014

Courts of Justice

During conversations with your Redwood City DUI attorney, your attorney will discuss several important aspects of your case. Here are a few topics that your lawyer might discuss with you.

Elements of the Crime

The elements of a crime are the things that a prosecutor has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If even one element has not met this burden, the prosecution has not met its case and you should be found “not guilty.”

Criminal Justice Process

Your Redwood City DUI lawyer should also explain the steps that await you in your case. He or she should discuss the consequences of a conviction, plea negotiation or other form of punishment.

Consequences to Charges

Your attorney should discuss every potential consequence of the charge. Some consequences include the potential to be assessed fines, the maximum and minimum penalties assigned by law and the potential to have a license suspension or revocation. If the case involved an accident, your attorney can discuss any civil penalties that you might be subjected to, such as having to pay damages for injuries that other parties sustained. Your attorney can also discuss any possible defenses that he or she can raise, as well as alternatives such as alcohol education, rehabilitation or diversion programs that are available.


Likewise, your DUI lawyer should discuss the importance of providing an honest testimony. He or she may discuss the penalties of perjury, which is making an untrue statement under oath. In addition to penalties that you can face for committing perjury, your attorney may also face penalties if he or she is aware of your intention to lie when you are a witness.

Fee Arrangements

Your DUI lawyer is providing you with a service and will expect to be paid for this service. A Redwood City DUI attorney will discuss how you are to pay him or her. This agreement will be in writing, and the fee arrangement should be explained to you in detail. You may be required to submit a retainer and pay for expert testimony. He or she will also discuss different costs and your responsibility in paying these charges. To get started on your case today, contact Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890.