Insight into the Prosecutor’s Office

Posted on November 20, 2014


At the initial pretrial conference in your case, the prosecutor might take excessive notes that could be important. In some large government agencies, a different prosecutor might handle your case at different phases of the court proceedings. They will write down case notes, usually in court in front of your DUI lawyer in San Francisco.

Understanding the Prosecutor’s Perspective

All of that writing means that something unusual is probably happening with the case, which could be good or bad. At the next pretrial conference, this information should come out, and your attorney will be able to tell what the prosecution thinks about the case. The next prosecutor will base their arguments and actions on what the previous lawyer documented. If the prosecutor seems amiable and open to discussions, they might feel their case is weak. On the other hand, if they are aggressive and take a more hard-nosed approach, they likely believe they have a strong case.

New Hires at the Prosecutor’s Office

If a prosecutor is just starting out and on probation, they might focus on improving their win-loss record. This could mean they are more willing to work out a plea agreement with your DUI attorney, especially if they have lost more cases than they have won. The new prosecutor could find extra motivation to negotiate a deal.

Sometimes a glimpse into the inner workings of the prosecutor’s office can offer you with an unexpected advantage. Our DUI attorney in San Francisco knows how to make the most of these opportunities. For help with your case, call Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890.