Likability and a Jury

Posted on December 18, 2014

Shake Hands

Intangible factors, including how the jurors view a defendant, can affect the outcome of a DUI trial. Our San Francisco DUI lawyer labels this the psychological principle of “liking.” This theory assumes that someone wants to do nice things for people they like. Your attorney will do everything in their power to sway the jury in your favor. Here are a few ideas they might use.


Your lawyer will comment about possible connections that either of you have with the jurors. These can relate to living in the same area of town, schools, relationships, occupations or other similarities. For example, your attorney might say, “Mrs. Smith, I see that you graduated from Elm High School, which is where my client attended. Did you ever see them when you attended there?” Or your lawyer might observe, “I noticed, Mr. Jones, that you were born in Chicago. My parents are from there as well. What part of the city are you from?”


Another way to connect with jurors is through laughter. If someone can make you laugh, you often like the person. Your lawyer might even poke fun at themselves in order to lighten the mood in court.

Connections and Testifying

Your lawyer will also consider this principle of liking or connections when they decide if you will testify. A poor response from even one juror might be enough to keep you off the stand.

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