Making a Good Impression

Posted on January 22, 2015

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When your Redwood City DUI lawyer first appears in front of the pool of potential jurors for your case, he or she strives to make a good first impression. He or she may accomplish this goal in the following ways.

Questioning Jurors

The first chance that your Redwood City DUI attorney will have to appear before the jury is during voir dire. This is the process in which both attorneys have the opportunity to ask about the jurors’ backgrounds so that they can see if there are any particular biases that may affect their ability to render a fair decision. Each attorney is allowed a certain number of jurors that he or she can reject.

Avoidance of Certain Subjects

In order to prevent embarrassment or hostility, an attorney may avoid certain subjects that could insult the jurors, especially questions that are not relevant to the case.

Inclusion of Explanations

Conscientious attorneys may precede certain questions by providing an explanation for why jurors are being asked certain questions. This explanation can help put a potential juror at ease and make a juror realize that a Redwood City DUI lawyer is trying to provide his or her client with zealous representation. DUI lawyers may explain that it is necessary to understand jurors and the reasoning behind their answers.

Open-ended Questions

DUI lawyers might ask jurors questions that allow them to elaborate. This method is usually superior to asking yes and no questions because it gives jurors the opportunity to express themselves.

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