Our DUI Lawyer in San Francisco Explains Gender and Gastric Problems in DUI Cases

Posted on February 26, 2015

Problems in DUI Cases

A DUI lawyer in San Francisco can explain that numerous physical and environmental factors determine how the body absorbs alcohol. Even the type of food and alcohol consumed can affect a person’s response to alcohol. However, two of the main factors that affect alcohol absorption are gender and gastric-related problems.

Gender Differences

In general, the same amount of alcohol will affect women more than men, resulting in an increase in their blood-alcohol-concentration level. Reasons for this include differences in weight, fat content, the amount of bodily fluids, sizes and overall body composition. In addition, women have a reduced activity of the main enzyme, dehydrogenase, which aids in the breakdown of alcohol.

Gastric-related Issues

If someone is suffering from gastric or intestinal problems, alcohol absorption levels can be impacted. Surgery, chronic stomach issues and biological responses to stress, trauma or fear can all affect how the body processes alcohol. In addition, regular use of alcohol increases the likelihood of an inflamed stomach lining. Cancer, ulcers and gastric fibrosis can cause delays in processing alcohol as well. Regular alcohol consumption also can lead to increased Helicobacter pylori infections, resulting in further absorption delays. These H. pylori infections also impact the activity of the enzyme dehydrogenase.

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