Our Redwood City Criminal Attorney Explains “Guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”

Posted on June 26, 2015


Civil and criminal cases are not adjudicated with the same proof standard in California, as well as across the nation, which is often confusing to any party in a legal dispute. When individuals go to court in civil claims, the proof standard is “preponderance of the evidence” based on a totality of the circumstances. The Redwood City criminal attorney team of professionals at Silveira Law understand that technicalities can make a difference in the outcome of any trial, but the proof standard for a winning criminal cases is more stringent than the proof burden for a civil plaintiff counsel.

Overview of the Case

With criminal cases, the plaintiff is actually the state, and the burden of proof increases to the “beyond a reasonable doubt” standard when a case ends in a trial. It is important to understand that reasonable doubt applies to the determination of potential jurors in a trial, but can be used as a general negotiating tool by a criminal defense attorney like a Redwood City criminal attorney when assessing the merits of a case. The term “reasonable” is possibly the most over used word in the legal system, and it offers expansive latitude for legal opinion. Prosecutors and defense counselors commonly disagree on whether the evidence meets the proof standard. This can be a plus or a minus for a defendant. If a case is being prosecuted on borderline and inadmissible evidence, then an experienced Redwood City criminal attorney can use the potential of dismissal at trial based on the reasonable doubt of any juror. While prosecutors will often pursue a conviction as though the state has a right to the outcome, the truth is that the state is the legal party that must prove their claim. However, the reasonable doubt standard still leaves situations where the defendant can be convicted on weak evidence without an aggressive criminal lawyer who is willing to take a case to trial if necessary.

Contact a Redwood City Criminal Attorney

Anyone in the Northern California area who is facing a criminal conviction on an impaired driving charge should contact Redwood City criminal attorney Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890 and let them evaluate your case for a potential reduction or dismissal agreement based on the concept of being innocent until proven guilty according to the reasonable doubt standard of proof.