Our Redwood City Criminal Attorneys Discuss Probation, Parole, and Community Supervision

Posted on June 4, 2015

Judge Gavel and Handcuffs

If you have been found guilty of a crime or entered a plea agreement, you might want to talk to our Redwood City criminal attorneys about community supervision. You might receive probation or parole in lieu of a prison sentence.

Three Ways You Can Be Placed on Probation

You could receive probation in one of three ways:

  1. The judge might order a probation sentence
  2. You might granted a suspended sentence and placed on probation instead
  3. Your sentence might be suspended, and you might be given probation.

While these differences initially seem minor, they could eventually affect the outcome of your case. For example, if your sentence is suspended, you could still receive a maximum term of imprisonment if you do not abide by your probation conditions. The court will state the possible minimum and maximum length of incarceration and then suspend the sentence if you successfully complete probation. However, if your probation is revoked, you will be taken into custody and ordered to complete your prison term instead. If the court sentences you to probation, the judge can use his or her discretion and sentence you as permitted by statutory guidelines if you fail to comply with probation terms.

Supervised Release

The federal Sentencing Reform Act of 1984 created supervised release, but it does not offer you any benefits. Supervised release differs from parole because you still serve the same amount of prison time. You do not have the option of probation instead of prison if you are granted supervised release. Our Redwood City criminal attorneys can explain these differences to you.

Federal Community Release

While federal terms do not include parole, they do include a sentence of supervised release after prison. You must complete the full sentence although you can receive a 15-percent term reduction for good behavior. Parole violation could mean additional prison time.

Contact Our Redwood City Criminal Attorneys

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