Our San Francisco DUI Lawyers Explain Bodily Fluid Samples and Discovery Requests

Posted on February 19, 2015

DUI Stops

Law enforcement generally relies on the results of blood or urine tests in order to file charges in a DUI case. During discovery, our San Francisco DUI lawyers will request some or all of the following items and information:

  • A sample of the blood or urine specimen;
  • How the sample was analyzed in the laboratory;
  • The types and results of the controls used at the lab;
  • Your test sample results including the chromatograms used in the tests;
  • Written notes the lab technician took;
  • Specific testing to eliminate the mistaken identification of other compounds or chemicals;
  • How many samples and controls were tested and in what order; there could be up to 40 sample types;
  • The age of the machine and the maintenance records of the machine used to run the sample;
  • Chain of custody related to the sample;
  • The type of vial used to hold the sample and information on the accuracy of the vials;
  • The qualifications of the technician and his or her documented proficiency;
  • The reliability of the laboratory as documented by outside sources; and
  • The procedure the phlebotomist used when blood or urine was collected.
Get the Best Defense

Our San Francisco DUI attorneys have a track record of addressing the complex issues of blood and urine testing in your defense. We will look for any errors made during testing related to procedures, the laboratory, the analyst or other possible mistakes. You can reach Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890 for help with your case.