Psychology of Influence – Reciprocation

Posted on July 17, 2014

DUI Case

When there is a DUI trial, a Redwood City DUI attorney will try to use a strategy called reciprocation to curry favor with the jury and benefit the client.

Reciprocation is a Psychological Strategy That is Used to Try and Help the Defendant

For reciprocation to work, the one seeking to garner a positive result should be the first one to provide a benefit. The person who is receiving the benefit might be compelled to return the favor. With a drunk driving case, the question often asked is what the defense attorney can give to the jury prior to the judge or prosecutor giving them something they will feel obligated to respond to.

A defense lawyer can give the jury many things. For example, the trial can inspire boredom. In response, the attorney might try to keep the jury entertained in some manner. Jurors often don’t want to be working on a case for an extended period, so working quickly and concisely is a good idea. To prevent the jury from being buried in minutiae, the attorney will keep the evidence simple.

The goal of the attorney is to make certain that the jury knows that it’s being done. An example would be if a prospective juror complains of being unable to go through with being on the jury for personal concerns such as a child at home, the attorney can ask that the juror be excused.

Lawyers will do what they can to get the trial done as quickly as possible while still serving their clients to the best of their abilities. Making certain the the jury is aware that the attorney is doing this could provide great benefit when it comes time for the jury to make a decision.

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