Questioning a Juror about Views on Alcohol

Posted on December 11, 2014

Court Room

Your DUI attorney in San Francisco will carefully question potential jurors about their views on alcohol consumption. The following sample might serve as a guideline for questioning.

Q: Mrs. Smith, do you have alcohol in your residence?
A: Yes.
Q: Can you please elaborate and tell me if you keep beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages in your home? Where do you keep them?

The answer to this question will provide you with ample information regarding the juror’s view of alcohol. Someone who buys a six-pack of beer once a month might have a very different perspective from the person who has a dedicated wet bar in his home.

Q: Tell me about the last time someone drank when they visited your home.
A: Two days ago. We had company for dinner, and I served red wine with the meal.
Q: Did your friend drive home after the meal?
A: Yes.
Q: Mrs. Smith, have you ever had alcohol and then gotten behind the wheel?
A: Yes.
Q: Were you stopped or ticketed while driving? Or could you safely operate the vehicle?
A: No. Yes.

Additional Considerations

Your attorney might ask a potential juror other questions to gain further information on their views of alcohol consumption. If a juror does not drink alcohol, your lawyer will ask probing questions to find out more information about why he or she does not drink. For example, he or she could be taking medication that interacts negatively with alcohol. Seeking Legal Counsel

If you are wondering how to question a jury to see if they have biases, call our DUI lawyer in San Francisco. You can reach Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890.