Questions That Raise Doubt in a DUI Case

Posted on August 28, 2014

DUI Case

During a DUI trial, the prosecution might ask challenging questions in an attempt to make you look guilty in court. Our Redwood City DUI law firm will help prepare you with appropriate answers to these questions as they know how to handle these traps.

Bloodshot Eyes and Driving While Impaired

One of the questions opposing counsel will ask is about common DUI signs and symptoms listed in the police report, including bloodshot eyes. Our Redwood City DUI attorney handles this by having clients admit that they were drinking. However, they should adamantly deny that they were driving while impaired. The client should also clarify that they understand what it means to drive while impaired as defined by the law. When a client believes they were not impaired at the time, they will be more likely to convince a jury and judge of their truthfulness. They will probably even be able to overcome the challenges of a hostile cross-examination from the opposing lawyer.

Practicing Your Testimony

The prosecutor might ask a defendant if they practiced their testimony with their lawyer or if they went over any questions that the opposing counsel might potentially ask. While they might make this review appear inappropriate, your attorney should take the initiative to prepare clients for trial, including reviewing possible questions from opposing counsel and possible scenarios in the courtroom. The prosecution might accuse your Redwood City DUI attorney of putting words in your mouth. However, this question could violate the confidentiality between attorneys and clients. Even so, the court might permit the question, so you should be prepared just in case. One way to respond is to say that you and your lawyer have talked about might happen in court. You can explain that your lawyer’s main directions to you were to answer all questions truthfully and that you are responding honestly to the questions.

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