Questions Your Lawyer Will Ask about Your DUI

Posted on November 27, 2014

Walk-and-Turn Test

When you meet with your DUI lawyer in San Francisco, you will go through a list of questions that will help your defense. Think carefully about the answers to the questions. Your attorney will work with you to develop a solid case strategy for your DUI.

Before the Traffic Stop
  • Why were you pulled over?
  • Did the officer give a reason for stopping you?
  • Did the officer give you any traffic tickets?
  • Was there an innocent reason for the possibly questionable behavior that caused the stop?
  • Did the officer watch you leave a bar or restaurant?
The Traffic Stop
  • Where did you pull over and why?
  • How was the lighting at the location?
  • Did you admit alcohol consumption to the officer?
  • Exactly what did the officer say when they asked you to step out of your vehicle?
  • Did you have any difficulty exiting your vehicle?
  • Did the officer place you under arrest or give you permission to leave?
  • Did they do or say anything that might have been questionable?
  • Who was with you? Were there other witnesses?
After the Traffic Stop
  • Did the officer intimidate you into taking the field sobriety tests or tell you they were mandatory?
  • Did they explain the tests or show you how to do them?
  • Did they ask you about any limitations or about your health?
  • Which tests did you take?
  • Where were you at the time?

Our DUI attorney in San Francisco will review the important facts and variables that could impact your case and make a favorable difference in the outcome. You can reach a DUI lawyer in San Francisco with Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890 for further information.