Radar Guns and Speeding Tickets in California

Posted on August 16, 2013

Radar Speed Detectors

If you have received a speeding ticket as a result of a radar gun, you may want to talk to a Redwood City traffic attorney.

The truth is that radar guns are not one hundred percent reliable. A Redwood City traffic lawyer can help review the circumstances of your case and determine if there are ways to beat the ticket due to inaccuracies with the radar gun.

Inaccuracies of Radar Speed Detectors

A Redwood City traffic lawyer can explain to you the specific details of why a radar speed detection result is unreliable. Some factors can include:

  • Number of Cars on the Road. If there are a lot of other cars on the road, your Redwood City traffic attorney may question whether the results of the radar gun are even for your car.
  • Interference. Nearby objects may interfere with the results of a radar gun. Your Redwood City traffic attorney can advise you on the relevant facts and circumstances to focus on preceding the ticket.
  • Distance. If the officer used the radar gun from too great of a distance, the results may be questionable.
  • Weather. Similar to nearby objects, weather conditions can also affect the accuracy of a radar gun.
  • Calibration. Police officers are required to maintain and properly calibrate radar detectors. A Redwood City traffic attorney can check to make sure if the proper protocols were followed prior to use of the radar gun.
Penalties for a Speeding Ticket

There are a variety of penalties associated with a speeding ticket.

Depending upon your driving history, you could face:

  • Monetary fines
  • Increased points on record
  • License suspension
  • Order to attend traffic school

A Redwood City traffic attorney can help you review the specific penalties you face.

Contact a Redwood City Traffic Attorney

If you need assistance fighting a speeding ticket, contact a Redwood City traffic lawyer. The penalties for a speeding ticket can be severe and you will want to challenge an unfair ticket.

The results of radar guns may be inaccurate and there may be ways you can beat the ticket. To learn more, contact a Redwood City traffic attorney at Silveira Law by calling (415) 795-3890.