Red Light Camera Ticket

Red Light Camera Ticket Ask a Redwood City Traffic Ticket Attorney about Your Red Light Camera Ticket

The light turns yellow and you are certain that you made it through the intersection before the light turned red. However, a short time later, you receive a red light traffic ticket in the mail. You know these tickets can cost you several hundred dollars. Now may be a good time to talk to a Redwood City traffic ticket attorney to learn your options and defenses for fighting the ticket.

Who is a Red Light Violator?

As you know, you are supposed to stop at a light when it turns red, so if your car then enters an intersection, you may have violated the law. However, often people enter an intersection when the light is still yellow and then the light turns red, perhaps while they are waiting to make a left turn. In these cases a person is typically not considered to have run a red light.

How Can I Fight My Red Light Camera Ticket?

Just because you are caught on camera, this does not necessarily mean you are guilty of the violation. There are many defenses to a red light camera ticket. Some common defenses a Redwood City traffic ticket attorney may utilize can include:

  • Misidentification. The red light camera does not always get a clear shot of the driver of the car. If you cannot be fully identified in the picture, prosecutors may not be able to prove that you were responsible for driving through the red light.
  • Improperly Working Camera. Technology is not failsafe. Your attorney may be able to argue that the camera was not working property, was triggered during a yellow light, or that the camera just randomly shot pictures.
  • Inadmissible Evidence. Just because a photo says that you ran a red light, it may not necessarily be admissible in court. Your attorney may be able to dismiss the photo evidence as hearsay or otherwise question the reliability of the document.
Contact a Redwood City Traffic Ticket Attorney

A red light ticket is more than an annoyance. It can cost you hundreds of dollars and also add points to your driving record. If you have received a red light camera ticket and believe that it was improperly issued, contact experienced traffic ticket attorney Michael Silveira at Silveira Law. Call 415-795-3890 to learn your rights.