Redwood City Traffic Lawyer Explains Traffic Warrants

Posted on December 19, 2013


Failing to pay a traffic ticket or not appearing in court at the designated time may result in getting a warrant issued for your arrest. Traffic warrants tend to make pre-existing legal problems even worse and can lead to serious penalties. Sometimes, drivers forget about the ticket or court date, but the case needs to be resolved as soon as possible. If you seek legal assistance, a Redwood City traffic lawyer can discuss the best course of action and represent your interests in court.

Circumstances in Which the Court Issues Traffic Warrants

Typically, people are notified that an outstanding warrant was issued against them when they fail to appear in court or don’t take any action to resolve the alleged traffic violations. Warrants are also issued when people don’t comply with the terms of a plea deal or defy court orders. If you don’t appear in court to address the legal issue, there is the risk that a law enforcement officer will take you into custody. When a client receives notice of a traffic warrant, the Redwood City traffic lawyer will attempt to get the warrant recalled and resolve the pending case as efficiently as possible.

Redwood City Traffic Attorney Discusses Traffic Warrant Penalties

A failure to appear warrant is classified as a misdemeanor offense. Once a warrant is issued, the court could put a hold on your license and you may receive a ticket for driving with a suspended license. If you are taken into custody because of an outstanding warrant, the punishment could include jail time, impound fees, points on your driving record and expensive fines. The warrant will show up on background checks and could potentially ruin future employment opportunities or prevent you from being able to rent an apartment or house. It is imperative to let the court know that you will deal with the alleged traffic violations. A Redwood City traffic attorney can use his expertise to help minimize the consequences of the traffic infractions and warrant.

How a Redwood City Traffic Lawyer Handles Traffic Warrants

The most effective defense strategies differ based on the facts of the case. For instance, if the court is not aware that you fulfilled the terms of your case, the lawyer will ensure the proper documentation is promptly submitted. Some people aren’t able to address the outstanding warrant in a timely manner because the notice was sent to the wrong address due to a clerical error. The lawyer can request a new court date so that there is more time to craft persuasive legal arguments and gather evidence that will support your case.

Call a Redwood City Traffic Lawyer

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