The Art of Persuasion and Juries

Posted on September 18, 2014

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The question of intoxication levels might seem straightforward, but your DUI case will be impacted by various other factors that are more subtle. For example, our Redwood City DUI lawyer will use psychology in order to convince the jurors to return a verdict in your favor.

The Psychology of Influence

The psychology of compliance analyzes the reasons that people agree to something and why they say “yes.” These techniques are used in several contexts, and marketers, advertisers and salespeople have a basic understanding of these six principles. In your case, our Redwood City DUI attorney will apply the following: scarcity, consistency, liking, reciprocation, authority and consensus.

A Definition of the Principles

Each of these psychological principles is based on different factors of human behavior. For example, the principle of scarcity uses the uniqueness of an item or of information to persuade someone to agree. The principle of consistency looks for an initial interest or commitment at the outset of the interaction in the hopes that a later and bigger commitment will follow. The third principle – liking – means that people want to help out someone they like. For example, if the jurors like our Redwood City DUI lawyer, they could be more likely to acquit you of the charges. The principle of reciprocation means that people often operate in a give-and-take relationship. In other words, if you do something for another person, they will do something for you, such as exchanging gifts during the holidays. The principle of authority means that others are more easily convinced when it seems as though they are confident about the subject matter. The last principle – consensus – means that people are affected by what others around them are doing. Peer pressure, both positive and negative, is a great example of how consensus works. Our Redwood City DUI attorney will explain how these principles can be used to help your case.

In addition to understanding legal principles and how these apply to your case, our Redwood City DUI lawyer has a solid grasp of the psychology of influence and how these factors affect juries. You can reach Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890 for more information.