The Importance of a Strong Opening Statement in a DUI Defense

Posted on September 25, 2014

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A Redwood City DUI lawyer is aware of the need to begin a defense with an effective opening statement.

The Importance of a Strong Opening Statement from an Attorney from the Redwood City DUI Law Firm

A key to the outcome of the DUI case is often the opening statement. In many instances, the jury will decide there and then the outcome of the case. The evidence that is presented during the trial will frequently validate the jury’s feelings from the opening statement onward. Some defense lawyers and prosecutors don’t take the opening statement as seriously as they should, and it costs them later.

Points to Remember for an Effective Opening Statement

The facts in the case often dictate how a Redwood City DUI lawyer will approach the opening statement. One thing is certain: the attorney must provide a description of the key facts of the defendant’s story and why, if there was a chemical test as part of the evidence, it might have been inaccurate or misinterpreted.

This will lay the groundwork for the entire case. The attorney must have a direction in which the case will head and set about proving it. Explaining why the defendant might have been in the situation with a viable story in an organized way can help the case exponentially. It helps by asking the defendant to describe the feeling when told he or she was being arrested, retracing the route the defendant took right before the traffic stop, asking for details of the conversation when explaining what happened to family members and at work and conducting a reenactment of the arrest. This can give the attorney a sense of what the client went through prior to the opening statement.

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