The Many Reasons for Failing to Heed a Stop Sign

Posted on May 9, 2013

Failing to Heed Stop Sign

In an ideal world, all motorists would drive perfectly and no one would ever receive traffic tickets, but in the real world sometimes drivers receive tickets for failing to heed stop signs. Redwood City traffic lawyers understand that motorists are not always entirely to blame for these incidences.

What does “failure to heed a stop sign” mean?

In most cases, the term applies to a motorist who does not completely stop before the crosswalk line or limit line in an intersection (or railroad crossing) where there is a stop sign present.

How might a Redwood City traffic lawyer be able to help fight a traffic ticket?

First, a Redwood City traffic attorney might investigate a defendant’s case and explore the circumstances surrounding the traffic ticket. For instance, he or she may ask the client/defendant about:

  • The location of the incident
  • The amount of lighting in the intersection
  • The presence of any obstructions that could have blocked the stop sign from the driver’s view
  • The police officer’s location relative to the stop sign and his or her line of vision
When would stop sign obstructions affect a case?

If a reasonable obstruction blocked the stop sign from a driver’s view until it was too late to make a full stop before the limit line, a Redwood City traffic attorney may be able to use that information in a client’s defense.

A Redwood City traffic lawyer might choose to photograph the obstruction from several angles and distances to provide evidence that the defendant was unable to see the stop sign and make a lawful stop.

What if a driver stops at the stop sign but the police officer does not see?

Sometimes drivers stop far behind the limit line and police officers surveying the intersection cannot see their actions. In these situations, a Redwood City traffic lawyer might ask witnesses to testify that the defendant followed all traffic laws. He or she might also photograph the intersection from the officer’s perspective.

If you have received a traffic ticket for failing to heed a stop sign, a Redwood City traffic lawyer may be able to come to your defense. Call Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890 for a consultation.