The Nuances of Jury Selection

Posted on January 15, 2015

Court Room

Your Redwood City DUI lawyer will look for certain qualities in a juror in order to optimize the odds of an acquittal. They will want someone who drives, consumes alcohol and seems to be fair and open-minded. The attorney will also want someone with characteristics that allow them to be able to relate to your case. Your lawyer will review the case and look for points that could be used to make their point with the jury.

Questions about the Breath Test

If there are questions regarding the validity of your DUI breath test, you might want a juror who likes order and who follows procedures. Someone with a military or accounting background could fit this description. Your lawyer will look for jurors who believe in sticking to the letter of the law.

Inconsistencies in the Breath Test

Sometimes there is an inconsistency or disconnect between the breath test and your reported drinking pattern. In addition, your ability to comply with field sobriety tests can also be at odds with your test results. Your lawyer might raise doubt about the consistency of the machine and look for jurors who know that machines are not always right. For example, they might want a juror who is more intuitive and who trusts their own judgment and takes their child to the emergency room even if they might not initially appear to be seriously ill.

Our Redwood City DUI attorney understands the nuances of jury selection and can help choose jurors who could view your case more favorably. Call Silveira Law at (415) 795-3890 for a review of your case.