The Significance of a Successful Opening Statement in a DUI case

Posted on February 27, 2014

DUI Case

An established Redwood City DUI lawyer will know what must be done to win a DUI case, such as making a good impression in the opening statement.

The Opening Statement May Determine the Entire Case

It may surprise you that jurors sometimes decide your fate after hearing your DUI lawyer’s opening statement. In this case, the arguments and evidence presented in the trial only serve to validate their opinion and conclusions derived from the opening statement.

But despite the game-changing nature of opening statement in a drunk driving case, both the prosecutors and DUI lawyers do not always properly utilize its potential, and may even ignore it. If your lawyer fails to establish a winning theme during opening statement, your case might be sunk before it even begins.

How Your Redwood City DUI Lawyer Will Make a Convincing Opening Statement

There are various ways your lawyer can direct the opening statement to best suit a given situation, but, in all cases, he must be able to highlight the most important scenes in your narrative. If you took a DUI chemical test, then he should remind the jury how numbers can be deceptive.

A Redwood City DUI Attorney Will Set a Theme for the Opening Statement

Since the opening statement establishes the tone for your entire DUI defense theory, it is critically important for your attorney to set a theme to the opening. A proven attorney will also use the opening to narrate the client’s story that goes beyond discussing static facts. The objective is to reveal a compelling story of your life to the jury, which requires your attorney to meticulously learn every fact of your DUI arrest. To accomplish this, your lawyer will:

  • Ask you to reveal your reaction to hearing the police officer say “you’re under arrest;”
  • Personally drive the route you were at when you were stopped;
  • Ask you to hear the conversation that took place when you revealed your DUI arrest to your employer, spouse or parent; and
  • Reenact the incident by walking through the events of the DUI arrest with you.

By doing such due diligence on learning about your version of event, your Redwood City DUI attorney will be able to fully tell your story before the jury.

If you were arrested for a DUI, then you must represented by an experienced DUI attorney who will protect your rights. For free initial consultation with a Redwood City DUI lawyer, call the law offices of Silveira Law at 1-(415) 795-3890.