Traffic Tickets

Traffic Tickets

It’s happened to all of us. You’re unsure of the correct speed limit, or you’ve gone faster than you’ve planned. Then there they are, flashing red and blue lights in the rear view mirror. Getting a traffic violation can be anything from an annoyance to a mild shock, to a career-jeopardizing situation if you have a commercial driver license. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney to fight for you is often a very smart move. However, don’t just hire any criminal defense attorney; hire an expert traffic ticket attorney. Based in San Francisco & Redwood City traffic lawyer Mike Silveira offers expert representation to clients throughout Northern California.

Expert Traffic Attorney

When fighting a traffic ticket, having an attorney on your side that knows what arguments and tactics work with various judges is essential. I’ve successfully handled over 3,000 traffic tickets to date, with the vast majority of cases resulting in dismissals or reductions to non-point violations. I am an expert in traffic ticket defense in the Northern California area, and I’ve represented clients in the majority of the California State Traffic Courts. This background gives me the necessary insight to get you the results you’re looking for if you get a traffic ticket in San Mateo county.

I actively research all current traffic ticket information and court cases as they become available, so I can continue to win cases for my clients. I am also a member of the Bay Area Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys, who meet monthly to discuss and share successful traffic ticket defense tactics.

What I Do

I personally handle every type of traffic ticket, including:

  • Removal of Points Already on your Driving Record
  • Warrant Clearance and Failure to Appear Removal
  • Red Light Camera Tickets [VC 21453(a), VC 21453(c)]
  • Speeding [VC 22350, VC 22349(a), VC 22349(b), VC 22356(b), VC 22406, VC 23336, 22405(a)]
  • Speeding Over 100 mph [VC 22348(b)]
  • Reckless Driving [VC 23013]
  • Driving on Suspended License [VC 14601]
  • Hit and Run [VC 20002]
  • Street Racing [VC 23109]
  • Felony Evasion [VC 2800.2]
  • Vehicular Manslaughter [PC 191.5, PC 192]

If you’re looking for an experienced Redwood City traffic lawyer to represent you in traffic court, or to appeal a verdict for you, I fight all types of traffic violations. Don’t take the chance of saying the wrong thing or not being prepared for your hearing. I know exactly what is needed to win and how to keep you protected. Don’t go in unarmed to fight the battle in traffic court.

While the potential consequences of a standard traffic ticket usually include a fine, a point on your driving record, and higher insurance costs, the more serious violations, such as hit and run or vehicular manslaughter, carry much more severe penalties; some of which include jail time, 2 points on your driving record, and long-term license suspension if convicted. Prevent your insurance rates from going up, keep your driving privileges, save your commercial driver license and possibly your career – hire the best in traffic ticket and traffic court defense.