Understanding How the Prosecution Will Respond to Attacks on Field Sobriety Testing

Posted on January 16, 2014

Prosecution Sobriety Testing

Although every DUI case is different, a Redwood City DUI attorney can help prepare you for some common themes or tactics you may hear at your trial. For example, issues may arise surrounding your field sobriety testing.

A Redwood City DUI Attorney Discusses Strategies for Attacking Field Sobriety Testing

If you face DUI charges, they likely stem from a traffic stop in which the arresting officer had you undergo field sobriety testing. A skilled Redwood City DUI attorney will analyze the circumstances surrounding that testing with an eye toward attacking its reliability. Common lines of attack may include the officers qualifications, how it was administered and other factors that may skew the results.

A Redwood City DUI Attorney Explains How a Prosecutor May Counter Attacks to Your Field Sobriety Testing

As your Redwood City DUI lawyer will likely counsel you, do not expect the prosecutor to simply let attacks on your field sobriety tests stand. The prosecutor will try to bolster the officer’s qualifications and performance as well as discuss the value of field sobriety testing as a whole.

Field Sobriety Testing and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Your Redwood City DUI lawyer will likely expect the prosecutor to introduce evidence of how field sobriety testing was developed by the NHTSA. He/she will want jurors to view them as highly scientific or accurate. Your Redwood City DUI attorney will discuss ways to counter this.

Bolstering the Officer’s Training

Expect the prosecutor to present the arresting officer as highly trained at administering field sobriety tests. The officer will likely testify about his/her years of experience and training with these tests. Your Redwood City DUI lawyer can help strategize about how to question the officer’s qualifications if appropriate in your case. If there were any administration errors, this may help you.

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