Your Redwood City DUI Lawyer Interview

Posted on October 18, 2013

Shake Hands

Getting a DUI is a difficult experience. Fortunately, a Redwood City DUI attorney can help address your concerns. In order to prepare your defense, your attorney will need to meet with you, interview you and get the facts.

Your Redwood City DUI Lawyer on the Initial Interview

The initial interview will usually take place at your Redwood City DUI attorney’s office. During the first meeting, your lawyer will educate you on the process. First, he will ask you about what happened before, during and after your DUI arrest. Second, you will learn about the charges, potential penalties and your chances of success at trial. Following this, your Redwood City DUI attorney will prepare your defense.

Your Redwood City DUI Attorney on Placing You at Ease

Often, a DUI arrest is your first exposure to the criminal justice system. Your Redwood DUI attorney should put you at ease and make you feel comfortable. Meeting with him should make you confident that you are well represented and well prepared to defend yourself.

Background Information

Your DUI defense may depend on your background. Specifically, your height, weight and drinking habits, among other background information, provide important background information for your case.

DUI Chronology

You should be prepared to provide your Redwood City DUI attorney with a chronology of events surround your arrest. What you did several hours before the stop, all the way through release from police custody, are important factors in your defense. For example, what food you ate, when you ate, where you ate, what you drank, how many drinks you had and the location of the arrest may all provide clues to a successful defense. A well prepared Redwood City DUI attorney is well-informed.

Prior Criminal Record

It is important that you disclose any prior criminal record or brushes with law enforcement to your Redwood City DUI attorney. Prior motor vehicle convictions or violations, and other criminal history, are important matters to consider for your defense. Aside from being truthful, any prior criminal history may affect your ability to negotiate a plea deal.

If this is not your first DUI, any prior DUI convictions or arrests may need to be attacked in order to avoid a potential mandatory jail sentence.

Call a Redwood City DUI Lawyer for Help

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